The Essential Eco Friendly, Ethical and Sustainable Gift Guide for Buying Online this Christmas

Loam & Lore | Nov 02, 21

Gift confidently and consciously this year. Our thoughtful pick of unique earth-friendly gifts helps you shop online from small businesses. Letting you make little changes that can make a big impact on the planet and our communities. Shop Small this Christmas.

Loam & Lore | Oct 01, 20
A Sustainably Chic Collaboration

We are super excited to kick off October with a collaboration with the ethical fashion, vegan, cork-leather artist Kerry from Trend Tonic. Have you discovered cork-leather yet? It is simply gorgeous - cork textiles are made from the best cork shavings, removed from the bark of the cork oak tree. It does not damage it at all - making it a super eco friendly, 100% renewable, recyclable, lightweight and biodegradable product. What’s not to love?