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How the Chadneys started Loam and Lore

Our Story

We are Dan and Amy and together with our children’s encouragement, we have created our eco-friendly business – Loam & Lore.

After learning about climate change at school and watching David Attenbourgh's world narrative, our youngest child came and asked us what can be done and how we can do something about it. Her simple question ignited a passionate fire within us.

We started educating ourselves about alternatives to plastics and ways that we could help reduce waste and help others live more sustainably.

We discovered an incredible statistic that an average of 426,000 cell phones are thrown away every day across the world. That equals about 155,490,000 cell phones that are disposed of each year. We imagine that along with all that electronic waste, there is a similar amount of plastic phone cases that are also discarded.

We decided that we needed to do something about that, Loam & Lore was born!

10% for the planet

Our kids asked if we could also raise money to give back to the global community or a bigger cause that is working to benefit our planet. So we decided to give back 10% of profit from each sale, for every single product we sell.

Our ‘Amazon Rainforest’ collection is raising money for The Amazon Conservation Team, and future collections will raise monies for other causes. 

Hear me roar! We donate to the Amazon Rainforest

Why the name Loam & Lore?

Loam =
Loam is a word that describes the perfect balance of all soil types, together they create a rich fertile earth.
Lore =
The word lore can be found in folklore, and speaks of precious traditions and knowledge passed from one person to another.

What the name means to us

Our name hints towards a Celtic history, as Dan & Amy met in Scotland. The essence of why our company exists is to play a part in re-writing the history of our planet and create an environment that is better for future generations.

Loam & Lore = Changing the earth's story through new traditions and knowledge.

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Power to change the world!

We passionately believe that we all have the power to change the world by doing one small thing at a time. Our aim with Loam and Lore is to make access to eco-friendly products as easy as possible. We are a little family trying to make a big difference so we are starting small but have great big dreams of a zero-waste world! 

Let’s make living sustainably easier

Our aim is to help you get started towards living a more sustainable lifestyle – and to look good and feel good doing it! You don’t have to become a vegan or change your car for a horse, you just have to want to take steps to make a difference. We can all learn together!

One thing we have already learned is that this is not a straight and easy road – as soon as you think you are doing better some new evidence comes to light and we have to change it all up again. That’s ok! 

Each time we make a different, more eco-friendly choice about what we do, or don’t buy, (what it is made of, where it is from, how it is packaged etc) we are all changing the world that we live in. 

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