A Sustainably Chic Collaboration

Oct 01, 20
A Sustainably Chic Collaboration

We are super excited to kick off October with a collaboration with the ethical fashion, vegan, cork-leather artist Kerry from Trend Tonic. Have you discovered cork-leather yet? It is simply gorgeous - cork textiles are made from the best cork shavings, removed from the bark of the cork oak tree. It does not damage it at all - making it a super eco friendly, 100% renewable, recyclable, lightweight and biodegradable product. What’s not to love?

But wait.. that’s not everything.

We’ll start the month with the launch of some gorgeous key rings - the perfect handheld accessory for all you slow fashion lovers - and end the month with the most-SCRUMPTIOUS-of-all-cork-leather envelope wallets in charcoal, blue and our very own fabric design ‘Hear me Roar’ leopard print. Created and made by the fabulous Kerry @TrendTonic. I think you’ll agree that the cork-leather perfectly compliments our brand values and aesthetics at Loam & Lore. 

The key rings go LIVE on the website next Thursday. 

Follow along on socials this week as we share our story of this collab and why we do what we do - we will even be going LIVE on Tuesday on the ‘gram to answer any questions you may have. You can get a glimpse behind the scenes of our creative processes, our giant piles of clean laundry and the family that makes L&L happen. Our youngest has found a passion for product photography too - can’t wait to share her images with you! 


Some of you may know that we are a new, family-run indie biz. SO new in fact that I can happily tell you that I am learning as I go! There is a FABULOUS indie biz community out there - if you are one, or are thinking about being one, please do look for Leona from Indie Roller on the socials. She vibrantly, freely and joyfully shares her wealth of information from years spent as a maker, creator and all round cheerleader of it all. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to collaborate with anyone and are feeling a little nervous - can I just encourage you to go for it. Drop a DM saying ‘hello’. I did, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be working with Kerry from Trend Tonic and now sharing these gorgeous products with you.


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Hope to see you over on the grid this week,

With love and sunshine,


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