Walnut iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Wood Phone Case with Eco Friendly Shell - Loam & Lore

Loam & Lore eco-friendly super-thin cases are designed to protect your phone, and protect the planet from plastic pollution. Our unique biodegradable plant-based material is flexible and smooth, a great alternative to plastic. Most importantly, it won’t harm the environment when the time comes to say goodbye to your case! 

  • Eco-friendly & 100% biodegradable 
  • Wrap around shock protection
  • Flexible & smooth
  • Precise button cutouts
  • Shipped in simple recyclable packaging
  • One tree planted 
  • 5% donated to an environmental cause

Each case purchase buys a tree with Ecologi and we donate 5% of the profits to the Amazon Conservation Team


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Biodegradable Phone Cases

Free delivery with all orders, shipped in 100% plastic free packaging!

One tree for every order

We plant a tree for you. Let's save the planet together!

Minimal waste

Plastic free packaging made with recyclable paper.

Plant based materials

Our phone case materials are vegan, plastic free, and fully biodegradable.

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Super Lightweight & ‘Face Down’ Protection

The WoodCycle case comes with a shock-absorbent soft wrap around shell that encases your phone. Like a good hug - this case makes you (and your phone) feel safe and secure. Because the shell is made from recycled grasses you can guarantee a lightweight feel to your phone - much like how your heart will be feeling when you see your case.

Smooth Touch & Sleek Functionality

The cutting edge technology that combines science with sustainability provides your phone with the protection it needs whilst giving you the sensory delights of natural wood.

Enjoy Wireless Charging

Thanks to its thin wood layer our premium WoodCycle cases can be used with wireless charging & is compatible with most wireless charging stations.

Beautiful and Unique

No one case is the same, like an individual fingerprint, each piece of wood shares the beauty of its grain and structure. Not only do you receive a durable case but you also receive a unique, one of a kind piece of "nature's art".

One Tree with Every Purchase

We are partnering with Ecologi to plant one tree for every purchase. They also support projects that protect rainforests and help farmers create renewable energy. 

How on Earth are These So Earth-Friendly?

You want the cold hard facts huh? Good. As you know, many phone cases actually contain chemicals that are damaging to nature. Our plant-based cases contain only eco-friendly substances and do not contain BPA, phthalates, cadmium or lead, and are 100% vegan.

If that wasn’t good enough for you, guess what? We have certification for industrial composting in both the USA and Europe! You can also compost our cases in your garden or backyard, it will just take a bit longer to break down.


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Here are some of the commonly asked questions about our phone cases.
Will my phone be protected from bumps, drops and scratches?
Yes, we truly believe in the protective abilities of our phone cases. They are made with flexible materials that absorb shocks and protect your phone for a very long time.

All of our cases fully wrap around the sides of the phone, have raised edges 1mm over the edge of the screen and camera.

Please note that we do not claim that our cases make the phone inside indestructible, and it's a sad reality that any phone can break even with a rock solid protective case. If there is an issue with your Loam & Lore product, please do let us know so we can help.
Does biodegradable mean that my case won't last very long?
No, not at all. You can use your phone case for many years, just as you would with a normal case.

Our material will only biodegrade when it is placed in the correct environmental conditions, such as an industrial composting environment or your backyard compost heap.
How do you clean a Loam & Lore case?
Our darker cases remain the cleanest looking. (Between you and I, they probably hide normal dirt and stains most effectively.) 

If you would like to know of some ways to keep your L&L case clean we have listed some of our recommendations: Mild stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth and warm soapy dish water - remember to remove your phone first! If you would like to give your case a lovely spa day try soaking it in part vinegar part water then a dip in a bubble bath of warm soapy water. This should break down any grimey build-up. 

You can use rubbing alcohol to rub off hard-to-move stains Have you seen the research that tells us how dirty and germy our phones (and tv remotes) are? It’s not a pretty picture! We suggest that to keep your phone case looking fly, you handle with love and care.
What materials are used to make Loam & Lore cases? 
The raw material is a blend of wheat straw and bio-plastics, specifically PBAT and Biodegradable TPU. 

The cases contain only eco-friendly substances and do not contain BPA, phthalates, cadmium or lead, and are 100% vegan. 

We are continually improving our material formulation to increase performance and reduce the time if takes for our cases to compost and degrade.
How much does a wooden case weigh, are they heavy?
No! Of course they are not. We didn’t just whip these up in the wood shop for you. These are crafted pieces of high tech, beautifully made and super lightweight.
Are your wood cases really made from real wood?
All products from our WoodCycle collection have a natural origin! We only use real wood, which we purchase from Europe.

Since nature is working its magic here every case is completely unique - just like its owner.
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