Eco Friendly Phone Cases That Are Getting Noticed and are Making a Difference

Nov 24, 20
Eco Friendly Phone Cases That Are Getting Noticed and are Making a Difference

Earlier this year GQ Magazine searched for the most stylish eco-friendly phone cases that are gentle on the earth but tough enough to keep your handset safe.

We are happy to say that they featured our cases in their article since, at Loam & Lore, our cases do just that!

After learning about climate change at school and watching David Attenbourgh's world narrative, our youngest child came and asked us what can be done and how we can do something about it?!

Her simple question ignited a passionate fire within us.

We started educating ourselves about alternatives to plastics and ways that we could help reduce waste and help others live more sustainably.

In our search we discovered an incredible (and awful) statistic that an average of 426,000 cell phones are thrown away every day across the world. That equals about 155,490,000 cell phones that are disposed of each year. We imagine that along with all that electronic waste, there is a similar amount of plastic phone cases that are also discarded.

We decided that we needed to do something about that, and that we COULD do something about that.

We are super passionate about just taking one step at a time, big or small, in our own personal, eco and earth friendly journeys. “What’s your one thing?” Can often be heard around our house 😊

The ‘what’s your one thing?’ that started Loam&Lore was the eco, compostable and earth friendly, non plastic, zero waste phone cases

In their March GQ article Eco-Friendly Phone cases to channel you inner Attenbourgh” our first phone case was featured alongside other amazing eco companies. 

GQ had gone in search of the best eco-cases based on material, durability and style. 

Here was their remit:

What makes a phone case eco-friendly? If you’re looking for a new case, look for the following to ensure they really aren’t hurting the earth:

🌱 Made from natural, sustainable and easily biodegradable materials, such as bamboo, cork or sustainably harvested wood.

🌱 Alternatively, biodegradable plastic or recycled plastic.

🌱 Using nontoxic materials (glues, adhesives, lining).

🌱 Carbon-neutral validation.

🌱 Environmental certifications.” 

GQ Magazine, March 2020 


We work hard to make sure all of our cases are earth friendly as well as donating to the Amazon Conservation Team and planting trees through Ecologi 


Eden Reforestation Projects, Ecologi


We are happy to be sharing space with other eco phone case companies such as Popsicse - who make their case out of recycled fishing nets, or Skateforcreate who fashion accessories from preloved skateboards. 

If you know of other Eco companies, or have ones that you love, we’d love to hear from you!

Drop us a message in the comments. 

Until next time,  

Much love,

Mr.C and Mrs.C x

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