Eco-friendly Gifts For Him / Unisex

Are you searching for sustainable gifts for the men in your life? Look no further! We have a fabulous collection of ethical and eco friendly presents that will wow and delight not just the man in your life - but you too! (these present ideas are just so incredible they really are unisex)
Eco-friendly Gifts For Him / Unisex - Loam & Lore


Are you searching for sustainable gifts for the men in your life? Look no further! We have a fabulous collection of ethical and eco friendly presents that will wow and delight not just the man in your life - but you too! (these present ideas are just so incredible they really are unisex) 

We’ve searched the interwebs to bring you a beautiful collection of unique gifts. From handmade to recycled, repurposed & reimagined, alternative and unusual.. We think that this collection will get you energized and excited about gifting the perfect eco gift for the guys in your life. Whether it’s a present for your brother, your dad, your partner/husband or best friend this gift guide is about to make your life a lot easier and introduce you to some incredible small biz owners! 

Eco Wearables:

Rosie Johnston is a fabulous and fun designer and creates organic cotton tshirts, jumpers and hoodies. These fab clothes are produced in wind powered factories with low impact ink and are packaged without plastic. 


Meet Bryony from TandBelle. These SuperDad and SuperTired super soft organic tees are all packaged without plastic and make for a future ‘favourite’ tee. 


Paulomi Debnath is the queen of sustainable statement textile jewellery. As a textile jewellery designer she creates modern, wearable pieces of jewellery with organic cotton rope and yarn. Check out these minimalist crochet rope bracelets for men.


Eco Skin Care 

Natalie at Smallkind has incredible gifts for men, including vegan and zero waste toiletries and on-the-go sets.



Over at Flowery Whiff (I know, it makes me giggle too) you couldn't find a more masculine chapstick than the Vegan Pale Ale Lip Balm These lip balms are gentle and natural which have been made to be kind to lips whilst causing as little harm to the environment as possible. Check out their site for more wonderful eco skin care goodies - the Bergamot and Cedarwood deodorant stick comes highly recommended. 



Avenoir Perfumery  is shaking up the perfume world with their vegan, ethically and sustainably sourced handmade gender-neutral perfumes! They have tester kits for £7.50 and 30ml bottles for just £20. ‘Prerogative’ in particular has been thoroughly reviewed by many fragrance fans and is often seen as a safe bet to buy without trying. They're great gifts for anyone who loves a perfume and is interested in trying something new and wants a little luxury in their life.

Lara Smith from Smithery has lots of eco and men’s products, most are made locally and can be made into gift sets like this one:


Earth Friendly Lifestyle Gifts 

Over at the Crafteefox you will find lovely gift sets -including coin pouches, key fobs, pen cases and handmade soaps. This one is made from organic cotton outer and recycled fabric liner. Good to give to those who don't like fuss but need to keep small items together!

SmallKind has these sleek, stylish water bottles - a must in everyone's life 


Loam & Lore is all about the ‘eco-handheld’.  We have recently designed and launched naturally beautiful wooden phone cases with a wrap around eco shell. These beauties have come from the earth and back to the earth they can go at the end of their wonderful lives. 

Lou Richardson has created these fab  Emergency Plant Pot mugs. Lou told us a little about it -  “It’s a very popular men’s gift because it’s witty and for people who have too many plants 🙂 It’s wonderful because it’s super glossy and I print them all in my studio in Suffolk. It features all my leafy illustrations. It was also shortlisted for Gift Of The Year 2020 🏆 "


Damien Sawyer has said he has struggled with buying gifts for men in the past - but look no further! His highly sought after range of music, movie and pop culture prints and framed 3D wall art have proved VERY popular on the walls of ‘man caves’ and the like. At present Damian is currently offering free handmade gift bag made from poster misprints - include a  message on a postcard for those who want to send directly. 


Peskimo has created this iconic Voyage to the Moon pinball design  5 layer screen print which includes a glow in the dark layer! (Measures 35cm wide by 50cm high.) Perfect for the vintage and adventure lover. 

I am more than delighted to introduce you to Nerissa who is an incredible artist. If you are looking for an unusual, original gift this year that will simply take your loved ones breathe away please do click on over to this artist page and prepare to be wowed by her art pieces. A little teaser in Nerissa owns words -

“Through three-dimensional textiles and photography, I investigate how things change appearance & shape over time, not just eroding or decaying but also new layers of growth, giving interesting juxtapositions of structure and colour. I document and respond to the changes I see in the world around me and make work using old clothes and scrap materials for both economic & ecological sustainability.”

If the person you are gifting to loves colour anywhere as near as much as me then they will love this creators work - Sophie Sanders from Wooden Flamingo hand-paints and up-cycles cassette tapes into fabulous works of art. These brilliant, unisex, creations prevent the cassettes going into landfill as well! 


And finally, how about an Experiential Gift?

Cassandra Barrons Bookbinding box concludes our fantastic "Eco Friendly Gift Guide for Men”. These boxes are made with the environment and sustainability in mind, which includes quality remnant leather and decorative papers, plus sustainably produced tools to help create books that can be used as notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries and journals!

Cassandra’s video tutorials take you through the process step by step and will have you making your own unique and usable books in no time.

A great gift for that stationary lover / sketcher / doodler in your life - the kits are suitable for men & women and make for a great 'experience' present - there's the treat of opening the kit, getting creative with the making and then the joy of using your own handmade book - it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Cassandra has, on her website, botanical prints and Gardening Journals too. Take a look and l bet you’ll find a great present - and a little something for you!