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Protect your phone and help our planet with this eco-friendly case made from wheat straw, a great plastic-free alternative for anyone looking to be more environmentally conscious. Our ultra-thin design has precise hole positioning and makes it a perfect fit for your phone with full protection.    
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable 
  • Compatible with wireless chargers
  • 360° protection
  • One tree planted 
We ship our orders in 100% plastic-free mailers made from recycled cardboard – we hate unnecessary packaging!

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Biodegradable Phone Cases

Free delivery with all orders, shipped in 100% plastic free packaging!

One tree for every order

We plant a tree for you. Let's save the planet together!

Minimal waste

Plastic free packaging made with recyclable paper.

Plant based materials

Our phone case materials are vegan, plastic free, and fully biodegradable.

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Made from cork and stainless steel gold or silver toned hoops

Kerry at Trend Tonic loves working with cork leather because it's a lightweight, durable and sustainable alternative to plastic based faux and animal leather.

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Here are some of the commonly asked questions about our phone cases.
How do you clean a Loam & Lore case?
Our darker cases remain the cleanest looking. (Between you and I, they probably hide normal dirt and stains most effectively.) 

If you would like to know of some ways to keep your L&L case clean we have listed some of our recommendations: Mild stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth and warm soapy dish water - remember to remove your phone first! If you would like to give your case a lovely spa day try soaking it in part vinegar part water then a dip in a bubble bath of warm soapy water. This should break down any grimey build-up. 

You can use rubbing alcohol to rub off hard-to-move stains Have you seen the research that tells us how dirty and germy our phones (and tv remotes) are? It’s not a pretty picture! We suggest that to keep your phone case looking fly, you handle with love and care.
How much does a wooden case weigh, are they heavy?
No! Of course they are not. We didn’t just whip these up in the wood shop for you. These are crafted pieces of high tech, beautifully made and super lightweight.
Will the wooden case look like the one pictured?
Nope. It will look like, and be, the wood you ordered, but since nature is working its magic here every case is different - just like its owner.
Are your wood cases really made from for-reals-real wood?
All products from our WoodCycle collection have a natural origin! We only use real wood, which we purchase from Europe.
Will my iPhone be protected from bumps, drops and scratches?
We truly believe in our cases protective abilities! However we do not claim that our cases make the phone inside indestructible, and it's a sad reality that any phone can break even with a protective case. Please remember we cannot cover the costs of any phone repairs. If there is an issue with your Loam & Lore product, please do let us know so we can help.
Do wood products need extra care?
Your case does not need special treatment or care. Though the odd compliment now and again wouldn’t hurt.. Just make sure your Loam & Lore wood case is protected from strong humidity, heat, water, cold and sunlight (as you would any Apple product). Being made from natural materials extreme climate conditions will harm your product and negatively influence the shape or colour.
What are Loam & Lore cases made from? 
The raw material is a blend of wheat straw and bio-plastics (PBAT, Biodegradable TPU, PLA). The cases contain only eco-friendly substances and do not contain BPA, phthalates, cadmium or lead, and are 100% vegan. We are continually improving our material formulation to increase performance and reduce the time if takes for our cases to compost and degrade.
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