How to Live Consciously Throughout the Year

"How to Live Consciously Throughout the Year" is an easy, year-long, guide packed full of ideas and suggestions for your own life as you make the journey towards a more sustainable, conscious life.
How to Live Consciously Throughout the Year - Loam & Lore

Getting Started

“How to Live Consciously Throughout the Year” is an easy, year-long, guide packed full of ideas and suggestions for your own life as you make the journey towards a more sustainable, conscious life. We will share what we do, what has worked for us and some fun ideas to get you going on this adventure.

Does your life feel as if you're going from day to day, doing the same thing, the same way, and nothing ever changes?

If so, then there's a very good probability you're not living consciously.

Conscious living is being aware of your life and the things you're doing. It's about taking the time to stop and smell the roses (or the coffee) so you can see where you fit into the whole picture.

Living consciously is a vital component in enjoying the fleeting moments we have on Earth.

It's important to take note of what's going on around us and be aware of what we're doing. Living consciously brings us an understanding of what we're capable of doing and paves the way for us to get where we want to go.

So, please join us on this journey of conscious living throughout the year. This article will introduce you to what living consciously means, then there will be an article for each month so that you can learn and grow throughout the year.

Benefits of Conscious Living

Perhaps you're wondering, "What's in it for me?" Conscious living brings with it many benefits, which you may already be seeking in your life.

Here are just a few of these benefits:
Relieve stress. Conscious living can be a great stress reliever. Not only does it make life more enjoyable when you alleviate your stress, but it also makes you healthier. Stress affects every process in our bodies and can cause serious disease if it builds up within us.
Expand your horizons. As you become more aware of your surroundings, you'll find that you can better understand the world and your place in it.
Live in the moment. Throughout the day, you'll be more focused on your work because you're consciously acting on a specific task in the moment.
Enjoy more passion in your relationships. While living consciously, your relationships will become more meaningful because you'll be appreciative of them as well as the other person. You'll be more in tune with your partner and aware of every want and need.

This is true for other significant others in your life. Taking time to really play with your children and see the world from their eyes is very impactful - both for them and you.

Female cycling on a summer day and giving each other a high five. Two young female friends riding their bicycles on the seaside promenade.

Putting down your phone and setting aside time to chat with friends without interruption makes for deeper connections and a sense of belonging. Going ‘old school’ and using manners (eye contact, listening, not interrupting when phone pings) will reap great rewards in relationships.

Know your importance. Your job will become more fulfilling because you're more conscious of your role in the grand scheme of things. You no longer just answer a phone or hand someone a photocopy, but you are consciously making a difference.

You can do this by working out your ‘why’ and your values. Spend a bit of time doing this. Maybe it is as simple as “keeping food on the table” but you can press a bit further into that and add the line - because I love myself/family and want to provide stability and choices. Or maybe its because you are tired of ‘not doing’ so your why would be - I ‘ve been silent/inactive too long and now is my time to shine. You get the idea.

Your values are very personal to you. They could be ‘Freedom, Justice, Love’ or they could be ‘Making money, Having Free Time, Being Content’.... They are personal to you and your reason for getting up in the morning. If you don’t know what they are, then spend some time in thought about it. You’ll find them. When you do, write them out and have them somewhere that you can see every day. They will help you stay centered, remain focused when lots of decisions are to be made or will pick you up after a rough day. These are uniquely yours and you living out these values make you a very important part of the universe and other people’s everyday lives.

Bring color into your world. Your surroundings will become more vibrant because you'll notice things like the subtle differences between the shades of the trees and the direction of the soft breeze.

Abstract acrylic and watercolor painting. Canvas texture background.

Support your friends and family that are creatives, buy local art and place it in your house. Make your own creations and surround yourself.

Plants can bring vitality into your home life, learn how to look after them and enjoy their air cleaning properties in your home.

Wear some colourful clothing or accessories - it not only makes you feel better, it will lift other peoples moods too.

Spend time in nature. The colours there are really quite mind-blowing. From neons and brights to dark velvety blacks….. You will always find something to amaze you.

Being conscious of life makes life more fun. When you're living consciously, bad days can become few and far between.

Action Steps to Living Consciously

Luckily, transforming your humdrum life into one filled with vibrancy and intention is easier than you may think! You can make some simple adjustments to your everyday routines to live consciously and more fully enjoy your life.

Here are some action steps you can take to bring conscious living to your life:

Stop. Take some time to stop throughout the day and look around.

Be aware of where you are and what's around you.

Become conscious of your surroundings and notice how you fit into them.

Notice the details such as plant shoots coming up out of the ground, or the condensation dripping down the side of the cup.

Become in tune with what your body feels and actually search out the sensations of your fingers and toes while feeling your chest rise and fall with each breath.

Breathe. Take deep breaths and be in the moment.

Don't think about what you've done or what you still have to do, just take a minute or two to just breathe!

Take a deep breath in through your nose. Imagine you are filling up your entire chest all the way back to your spine, and all the way up to solar plexus. Slowly release your breath through your mouth.

Do this a few times until you feel calm and settled.

Learn. Take a few minutes each day to try something new. Pick up a book you've wanted to read or learn a new skill. Venture out into your community and join a group - you’ll learn something new and make new friends. By doing this, you're starting to become conscious of your life and the things you can do with it.

There are many things you can do to live life to its fullest. Living consciously is one of the easiest changes to make on a day-to-day basis. Take a few of these ideas, integrate them into your routine, and begin enjoying the benefits of living consciously!

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