Eco Friendly, Ethical and Sustainable Gifts to Buy Online 2022

Gift confidently and consciously this year.

Our thoughtful pick of unique earth-friendly gifts from small businesses help you make little changes that can make a big impact on the planet and our communities. 

Whether you are making the switch from Amazon because you want to support more local businesses or because you want to make more planet-positive choices in 2021 - there has never been a better time to find unique, ethical and sustainable presents for loved ones online.

Supporting brands that think deeply about their impact on the earth, their ethical standards of production, their transparency in the supply train, their carbon foot print and their customers journey is becoming easier and we are here to celebrate that! 

We’ve compiled a selection of sustainable gifts from small businesses that are doing their bit. Discover a little something for everybody - from gentle skin products to sandwich wraps and everything in between. These gifts come from artisans and makers who really care about their products - meaning that it really is a treat when these gifts come through the door!

Eco Accessories 

Sophie from @bonbondesignboutique makes jewellery, cushions, and upcycled homewares. Her necklaces are made from old leather sofa swatches - saving them from landfill and making something gorgeous out of them is really at the core of Sophie's values.  Cushions are made from vintage fabrics collected on travelling adventures. Her love of geometric shapes and colour shines through -  making all of her products a unique, vibrant must have.


Victoria Wade from Oh My Etoile makes and sells accessories that have been re-imagined from vintage and preloved fabric & garments. She mainly uses vibrant colours and print, Hawaiian prints, Sari fabric, and some reverse dyed denim, so it's for Eco-conscious colour lovers! Mainly products created for women's and kids, Victoria's fabulous fabrics inject s colour and fun into everyday life. 

Kerry from Trend Tonic makes amazing earrings from Cork leather - you may have seen some of our collaborations with her last year! Not only are they beautiful, fashionable, lightweight and colourful but all their earrings are made from sustainable cork. The bark is carefully stripped away without damaging the tree and it regrows! As such each pair is totally unique with natural markings on! The backs are left plain to allow to be used as essential oil diffusers and to ensure they are fully sustainable. 

Loam & Lore sell compostable phone cases. After a chat with their kids about the amount of plastic in the world they found a little (read vast) area of plastic waste that they could do something about! They are a small family-owned business born out of a passion for modern style and convenience, with a deep responsibility to protecting the environment. Their philosophy is to celebrate and enjoy beautiful products whilst at the same time making eco conscious choices available for our lives and homes

Eco Beauty & Skin Care 

Stina from Juste Nature creates beautiful, preservatives, and cruelty-free natural skincare using sustainably sourced and natural ingredients. Handmade with love in small batches in London. Stina’s aim is to reduce single-use plastic and harmful chemicals inherent to daily skincare products. Juste Nature cares for the legacy that they leave behind and how they can have a positive impact on our environment by buying responsibly as well as ethically.

Eco Pet 

Sharon Murphy from Wild Dog Co creates dog nose balm that is made from vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, ethically sourced ingredients, that respect our planet and are specifically created for dogs' skin, coat + well-being. Lick-safe for your total peace of mind! Made in the UK, wild dog balm is an ethical dog product that nourishs, soothes, nurtures + calms your dog so you know that they are always ready to explore.

Earth- Friendly Wearables 

Bobbie Lane aka @little_eco_lady has designed these soft, luxurious unisex tees - the ‘Be Kind Always’ gender neutral organic tshirts. The simplicity of this print makes it perfect for every occasion, and looks great under a hoodie or a shirt. And even better, this product is constructed from 100% organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory. 

Sandra Palmer from More Than Swim is an incredible example of a biz that is putting our planet first. To quote Sandra -

“ I founded MORE THAN SWIM because I was tired of never seeing people like me looking happy in beautiful swimsuits. When I did choose a swimsuit, it fell to pieces and contributed to the damaging industry of FAST fashion…. I’m here to celebrate you AND the beautiful planet we live on.
 The fashion industry is the world's 2nd most polluting industry after Petroleum. This is why our production is based in the UK so that we can maintain a small carbon footprint, as well as choosing to use eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practises. 
Plus for every sale a donation is made to the charity Plastic Oceans UK and your postage is offset automatically with a donation to charities based in the Amazon jungle to conserve and preserve stress and wildlife.”
Sandra’s prints are elegant and stylish, as are all her products, so whether you are buying a gift for yourself or a loved one you know you are benefiting yourself and the planet. 

Eco Home 

Cassandra Lown, the owner of TweedlesHandmade creates fabulous, reusable eco friendly products for the home or on the go. A particular favourite of ours is the Cutlery Pouch with bamboo utensils. The perfect way to eat lunch on the go without having to resort to single use disposable plastic knives and forks. This set is lightweight unlike metal cutlery so you’ll barely notice it in your bag!The pouch is made with 100% cotton. The cutlery is bamboo - making it a durable and sustainable option for eating out and about.  It has a simple cord fastening allowing you to easily roll it back up when you’re done.

Another love of ours is Helen Millers @badgerandbobbins Reusable make-up wipes- they are an easy to use alternative to disposable wipes and the perfect way to reduce waste from your make-up routine. They can be used with make-up remover, cleanser or toner to fit into your make-up routine wherever they are needed just pop them in the wash and they are ready to use again and again. Made from Bamboo french terry backed with 100% cotton patterned print. These are very lightweight and maker for a gorgeous mailable gift. 

Gemma Baijnath from Cosmic Bloom sells vegan, eco-friendly candles and wax melts and is plastic free! Gemma sells a range of scents that are unisex. Enjoy her exuberant named fragrances: Lush Dawn is a spicy spring scent, Energy Meadow is rejuvenating, zesty and wild and Misty Café smalls like  fresh coffee and almonds.

Emily Ainsworth is a floral print maker that creates beautiful organic snack bags and reusable products. If you find yourself reaching for cling film all the time to wrap up snacks for work or a day out but really you want to reduce your plastic waste? Well these snack bags are perfect for you! Made with organic cotton and lined with Foodsafe ProSoft PUL makes the inside easily wipeable or can be put into the washer at 40°. Reuse these little bags over and over for everything from cookies to carrot sticks and with a square bottom there’s room for even more snacks!

All the fabrics are designed by Emily so they are exclusive and not available anywhere else.

Eco Decor 

Celeste Boruvka-Hynes from @loveblueberrydesigns makes wall decor from repurposed/recycled materials. Only creating one off pieces (or very small batches) so it’s as sustainable as possible. The design is about being timeless and curating your space rather than a fast trend that dates quickly. Celeste’s pieces are perfect for anyone who wants a snippet of calm and who loves a raw, simplistic aesthetic. A lot of research is put in to ensuring that any materials that are bought new (which are all made from recycled cotton) are also ethically sourced throughout the supply chain

Charlotte Miller Ceramics creates gorgeous  

Delicious Drinks and Subscriptions

Hermoine Wild Illustrations, amongst other things, curates beautiful Winter Wellness Letterbox Gifts  containing items that ground you, using your senses and help your mindset to inspire positive thinking. Many people are not aware that your sense of smell is linked to anxiety and these boxes smell absolutely incredible so have a calming influence right from the moment you open them. The online relaxation covers your sense of sound. The recipe cards and chocolate for taste. The beautiful cards are for visual comfort. Follow Hermoine on instagram  

Dear Green Coffee is a phenomenal coffee roasters found in the heart of Glasgow and WOW do they do it well! If you'd like to see an eco biz done right read here . With this kind of attention to detail, delicious coffee and wonderfully designed products you know that your coffee lovers gift is in the right hands - they wont be disappointed - and neither will the planet :)

In love and kindness, 

Amy x 

Amy runs the popular blog which features many insights into self care, growth mindset and helping families and business owners become more focused and productive.