Self Cleaning Antibacterial iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Phone Case with Eco-Friendly Shell
£16.00 £20.00
  • 100% Plastic free with recyclable packaging
  • Display-protection thanks to the raised frame
  • Extra sustainable with an eco friendly compostable shell made from plants (Wheat Straw)
  • Compatible with wireless chargers
  • One tree planted with every order

Doing our bit for the planet

With every order

We plant a tree for you. Let's save the planet together!

Zero Waste

Plastic free packaging made with recyclable paper.

Plant based materials

Our phone case materials are vegan, plastic free, and fully biodegradable.

Shipping & Returns

L&L EcoClean: Antibacterial and Self Cleaning 

Our EcoClean material has natural bacteria fighting properties and has been tested to break down the likes of E.Coli and 85% of other commonly known bacteria on the surface within 15 minutes, and 99% within 24 hours.

Did you know? On average, people pick up their smartphone around 100 times per day, coming in contact with countless bacteria and surfaces, often encountering more bacteria than a toilet bowl. According to our studies, 92% of phones carry bacteria, while around 16% carry E.Coli. The material has a Zinc ion and Silver ion coating that penetrate the wall of cells and within 15 minutes they will lose the ability to divide and reproduce and the bacteria dies.


This case is slim fitting and made from ultra-compostable materials, meaning it will biodegrade very quickly in a composting environment. Because of this, it does not have the same properties as plastic, and needs to be moulded slightly to fit the edges of your phone.

To properly fit to your phone, please follow the steps below:

  1. Put in a warm place (like on a radiator) for about 30 mins
  2. Once the case is warm it will become more pliable and easily slip onto your phone. Try to not bend the edges along the sides and just bend the case over the corners of your phone.
  3. Any warping along the edges can be corrected by removing the case and bending in the opposite direction and fitting onto your phone again. This will 'reset' the shape and the case will retain this shape when fitted correctly.

Giving back to help save the planet

We are a family owned business with a passion for having a positive impact on the environment and world around us. It is our aim to help the earth become single-use plastic free, and reduce global waste and ocean pollution.


Super Lightweight & ‘Face Down’ Protection

The EcoClean case is a shock-absorbent soft wrap around shell that encases your phone. Like a good hug - this case makes you (and your phone) feel safe and secure. Because the shell is made from recycled grasses you can guarantee a lightweight feel to your phone - much like how your heart will be feeling when you see your case. 

Smooth Touch & Sleek Functionality

The cutting edge technology that combines science with sustainability provides your phone with the protection it needs whilst giving you the sensory delights of natural wood.

Enjoy Wireless Charging

Thanks to its thin wood layer our premium EcoClean cases can be used with wireless charging & is compatible with most wireless charging stations.

Beautiful and Unique 

No one case is the same, like an individual fingerprint, each piece of wood shares the beauty of its grain and structure. Not only do you receive a durable case but you also receive a unique, one of a kind piece of ‘natures art’. 

One Tree with Every Purchase 

We are partnering with Ecologi to plant one tree for every purchase. They also support projects that protect rainforests and help farmers create renewable energy. 

How on Earth are These So Earth-Friendly? 

You want the cold hard facts huh? Good. As you know, many phone cases actually contain chemicals that are damaging to nature. Our plant-based cases contain only eco-friendly substances and do not contain BPA, phthalates, cadmium or lead, and are 100% vegan.

If that wasn’t good enough for you, guess what? We have certification for industrial composting in both the USA and Europe! You can also compost our cases in your garden or backyard, it will just take a bit longer to break down.

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